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Your Financial Freedom 

Improve Personal
So You Can Improve Your Life

ADR is the best and highly recommend them to anyone. I was nervous and skeptical at first but they fixed my credit fast and efficiently. I can now refinance my home and so happy. They answered all my questions and concerns immediately. I would recommend them to anyone:)


Diana G


Bring Credit Freedom!

Step 1

Begin Your Journey: Connect with us to initiate a detailed credit assessment. Discover the potential for enhancing your credit through our expert analysis.

Step 2

Strategize: Together, we'll craft a personalized plan targeting inaccuracies and strategizing for credit improvement.

Step 3

Implement: Our team gets to work, disputing inaccuracies and negotiating with creditors to clean up your credit report.

Step 4

Celebrate: With a healthier credit score, embrace lower interest rates, better loan terms, and financial peace of mind.


Because We Get Results!

We don’t leave your credit to chance by just throwing out disputes that are not relevant. Our Proven System we created to repair your credit has helped hundreds of families.

Buying a New Home

Don’t let your credit scores stop you from qualifying for financing

Business Funding!

Over 80% of businesse fail do to the lack or capital. Personal credit is the key

Financing a Vehicle

Stop being taken advantage of by car dealers charging super high interest rates

Career Advancements

Over 60% of all employers check credit before hiring or promoting employees

Real Customers, Real Results

We can help you improve your credit scores so you can accomplish your financial goals.

Ranked #1 Credit Repair Improvement Company In The Nation!

We Don't Just Fix Credit, We Change Lives!

Check Out Our Customer Reviews

  • How Do I Know If This is Legit?
    We understand that this industry is full of scammers and false promises. This is why we strive to make ADR as transparent as possible. We can brag all day about how ADR is the BEST! But that will not mean anything if you haven’t experienced it yourself. The best thing you can do is do extensive research on us. We are on many platforms such as Google, BBB, YELP & Facebook. We have tons of testimonies from our clients who were skeptical just like you and took a chance that changed their life. It’s important for you to trust us and our process to make the best out of our program.
  • How long will it take to see results?
    Our goal is to improve your credit score. That will come through credit restoration & credit rebuilding. If you follow our guide you can see an increase in your credit score within a month. However, when it comes to fully restoring your credit that takes time. We recommend giving yourself 6 months to a year to optimize your credit profile.
  • How long does it take to get a 700 credit score?
    No one can tell you how many points your score will increase or give you a certain time frame because the FICO scoring model has several factors to calculate your credit score based on the algorithm. Although we can’t tell you how long it will take, we can guarantee that if you take our advice, manage your credit responsibly, be patient and consistent you CAN have a 700 credit score.
  • Will items come back on my credit report?
    Our method of disputing is factual based on the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Legally , the Credit Bureaus can not reinsert an account once removed UNLESS the Creditor provided the Credit Bureaus validation that it should remain on your credit report (which is rare) OR that debt was sold to another collection agency and the new agency reported that debt back to your credit under a new account number. If your debt is resold then no biggie! We will dispute the account free of charge or provide you with another option to have the account permanently removed.
  • What can’t y'all remove from my credit report?
    We have successfully removed any account known to report to a credit report. However, we can’t guarantee the same results for everyone because everyone's situation is different and results will vary. We will use our proven aggressive method of disputing to obtain the best results possible!
  • What’s The Guarantee?
    We guarantee that will use every aggressive disputing method the FCRA law has to challenge and remove all negative accounts from your credit report. We have a 80-100% deletion rate which proves why we’re one of the best credit repair companies in the nation.
  • How Much Does This Program Cost?
    Our program has no set service charge because each client services is tailored to their specific situation and needs and that's one of the reason our service are so effective.
  • Can You Help If I Filed Bankruptcy?
    We can not assist if you are in active bankruptcy. If your bankruptcy has been discharged or dismissed it’s time to clean up any inaccurate derogatory accounts and focus on rebuilding your credit. Please note that even if we are successful with removing Bankruptcy from your credit report, Lenders will still be able to know if you filed bankruptcy because it is public records. This is why it’s important to focus on your overall credit health rather than the removal of a bankruptcy itself.
  • How Does Credit Repair Work?
    A lot of people think that credit repair is only about getting accounts removed from your credit report. That’s only ⅓ of the battle and unfortunately that’s the only thing several credit repair companies focus on. Our program is designed to give you the full package which will be more beneficial in the long run. Our program has 3 major components (Credit Repair, Rebuilding & Education) . Without all 3, your credit improvement will be temporary and not effective. Our job is to educate you, give you guidance and advice to optimize your credit to achieve your goals and challenge negative accounts on your behalf using the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Your job is to rebuild your credit, manage your finances responsibly and follow through with our blueprint. Credit repair will only be effective if you play your part too.
  • Do we offer discounts for couples?
    Yes, Our couple service comes with the same aggressive and great features as our individuals. Our couple program has an activation fee of $499 and a monthly service fee of $249.
  • What if I don’t have any negative or bad credit accounts?
    Our credit repair services won’t help you, but building your credit buy adding new accounts to your credit report will. We offer a large selection of credit building programs especially designed for people with no credit. You can take advantage of these programs by going to our website
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