Personal Credit Repair

We will help you achieve your optimal credit profile. Our credit repair process is efficient, aggressive and personalized. We are so confident in our proven systems that we offer 100% money-back guaranteed if you don’t seen any improvements within 90 days. What it takes most companies to do in 3 years we do in 6 months or sooner!


Full Service Credit Repair: $1,500

What’s Included:

  • Deletion of all Negative Accounts (except Public Records)

  • Deletion of All Inquiries

  • Credit Building Programs including over $9,000 in Primary Lines of Credit

  • Customer Support Team

  • Personalized Credit Analysis

  • Access to 24/7 Client Portal


Which Plan To Choose?

We ask for 3-6 months for a complete restoration. However, the way we dispute does have a significant impact on the turnaround time. We break up your disputes to correspond with your payments.

The average turnaround time for our Express Plans are 3/4 months.

The average turnaround time for our Standard Plans are 5/6 months.

Disclaimer: The turnaround time is our “average” timeframe there’s no guarantee as everyone’s situation is different.

Express Plan.jpg

Express Plan 1: $1,500 One-Time Fee (FASTEST)

Express Plan 2: $750 Down; $750 Due in 2 Weeks

Express Plan 3: $500 Down; $500 Due in 2 Weeks; $500 Due in 4 Weeks

Standard PLANS.jpg

Standard Plan 1: $500 Down; $125/Bi-Weekly for 4 Months

Standard Plan 2: $250 Down; $156.25/Bi-Weekly for 4 Months


NOTE: Please Sign Up With Credit Monitoring (Identity IQ) BEFORE You Choose Your Plan. We will NOT be able to work on your report without Identity IQ.