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About Us

We are dedicated to assisting our clients with the removal of inaccurate, erroneous, and unverifiable accounts on their credit reports. Not only are we committed to delivering a clean credit profile but we also EDUCATE all of our clients to achieve their highest score after restoration. What differentiates us from other credit repair companies is that we adjust our process for each individual client rather than providing a generic procedure for all. We’ve came from a past of poor credit so we completely understand the struggles of having bad credit. That is why we are devoted to helping our clients reach their goal of financial freedom!

Meet The CEO's

about us

Alexis "Lex" DeWitt

Lex has always been an upper class woman due to her super smart and business savvy ways of thinking, which helped her close hundreds of deals in the real estate industry. With her knowledge and ability to strategically remove erroneous, and unverifiable accounts she makes the ultimate credit coach. 

Lex DeWitt- "I've always wanted a profession that involved helping people, which is why I jumped into real estate. In a short time, I've lost several clients due to their poor credit and inability to obtain a home loan. Out of the kindness of my heart, I did my research to help my clients increase their credit scores and purchase their dream homes. I became extremely good at credit repair and decided to pursue it full time. Anyone can be an agent and show homes but not everyone can change people financial situation for the better. I love what I do. I love changing lives!"

Ratiq "Rocky" DeWitt

Rocky is a wildly driven entrepreneur and a motivational speaker that has an astonishing passion for business. With most of his expertise in Logistics, Real Estate, Credit Repair & Stocks he makes the perfect credit coach for Personal and Business Credit. 

Rocky DeWitt - "As long as I can remember I have always enjoyed giving teaching others knowledge that could help or put them in a better position. I was blessed with a natural gift from God and with my grind I was able to conquer some of my biggest goals and help a ton of people along the way. With great credit on my side I was able to push through hard times and scale my businesses in months. There's a better life on the side of having good credit and with the help of ADR Financial Group and yourself, we can get you there!" 

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